About Us

What is ACO Insights?

ACO Insights will provide news and analysis on Accountable Care Organizations – an emerging trend in healthcare.

ACOs are doctors, practices, hospitals and health systems forming groups for a defined geographic area’s population in the hopes of improving care and decreasing costs. ACOs will mark a shift in patient care and provider reimbursement.

ACO Insights will answer the following questions, and more, with interviews and features.

  • How will these hospitals, primary care physicians and alternate site facilities collaborate and agree on roles and responsibilities within the ACO?
  • What are the challenges each geographic region will face?
  • What will the physicians, facilities and organizations on the outside of ACOs do?
  • What are the legal ramifications and obstacles to creating an ACO?

In addition to the publication, ACO Insights will also keep track of the latest trends at ACOInsights.com.

Features and Stories

  • Executive Interview: Interviews with industry thought leaders concerning Accountable Care Organizations. Topics will include healthcare reform, ACO implementation and other trends.
  • Model of the Future: Features on health systems that have begun to integrate ACO traits into patient care models. Articles will include best practices, common pitfalls and unique attributes of each ACO.
  • News: Current news and analysis of ACOs and ACO-related topics across the United States.


ACO Insights is received by:

  • IDN executives managing over 140,000 hospitals and Alternate Site facilities nationwide.
  • These include president/CEO, CFO/Controller, VP Operations.
  • Hospital Executives at over 5,600 hospitals across the U.S. responsible for the hospitals operational success.
  • Supplier/Manufacturer/Health Insurance Executives comprising all concerned stake